Friday, June 4, 2010

Congrats to Junior Counselor (Captain, USN) Don Howell: Don was recently promoted to Captain in the U.S. Naval reserve, and Al Cook was there with a camera.
"O-6" is a big accomplishment, and comes after a lifetime of exemplary toil and service. Thank you, Don, for that. I think Don lives up in the same neighborhood where Albert is, in the Norfolk area of Virginia.

Although I lived in Miami when Don was working at camp in the summers, I now happen to live a few blocks from the Howell family home in Atlantic Beach, Florida. I saw Don last when we were both much younger and in the service, and our ships happened to have been in Guantanamo, Cuba at the same time. OK, so Don, the rule is, you have to submit a story. I can think of a couple . . .